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A professional team to support you at every step

David Brown (B.Comm)
Managing Director
Over 30 years of professional experience in business development across retail and property in Australia, UK and Asia. David is committed to client service and relationships and is highly respected by clients and business partners for professional standards and integrity.

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Bob Cooper
Project Manager
With over 40 years of residential property experience in South East Queensland, Bob has developed relationships with leading developers and builders. This ensures that we have access to the best projects and the best builders so that clients can be 100% confident of their investment outcome and the quality of the properties.

Joanna Preston

Administration Manager
Smart, process driven and committed to client support where detail is critical. Joanna manages the client process from start to end and then ongoing so that clients can be confident that nothing is missed and everything is taken care of.


Blake Hildebrand

Business Development Manager

Blake Hildebrand spent over 8 years in the finance and insurance industry before moving to service and supply for the manufacturing industry in Australia as the major projects manager, and later and CFO and GM.

With a firm grasp on financial management dealing within the Australian and Asian markets, foreign exchange and capital acquisitions from major suppliers in the Asian region, Blake later established a consulting business preferring to focus on a more detailed one-on-one relationship with clients, building long-term relationships based on a personalised service tailored to specific clients requirements.

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